This is an overview of all the talks I gave, both publicly or for a private audience. News outlets also occasionally interview me, those press mentions are also listed here.


April 24, 2023 BAS, Thomas More Antwerpen Generative AI: Artificial intelligence as a creative partner. slides
February 10, 2023 HR and PES workshop I talked about language models for HR and PES in Ghent.
October 18, 2022 DTAI Seminars I gave a seminar about language models and fairness in Leuven.
September 26, 2022 Data Science Meetup Leuven I gave a talk about RobBERT.
May 18, 2022 NLP Meetup @ In The Pocket I gave a talk at the 15th Belgian NLP meetup in Ghent.
March 16, 2022 VAIA Fairness and Bias in Natural Language Processing INFO
November 10, 2021 BNAIC/Benelearn 2021 I presented our work on RobBERT.
September 17, 2021 FEAST @ ECML-PKDD 2021 I gave a talk about of our workshop on algorithmic tools in public employment services.
March 25, 2021 Open Science Discovery for PhD Students I gave a presentation on versioning.
February 11, 2021 Techwolf I gave a presentation about RobBERT.
February 09, 2021 ML6 I gave a presentation about RobBERT.