This is an overview of all the talks I gave, both publicly or for a private audience.
February 10, 2023 I will talk about language models for HR and PES in Ghent. January 20, 2023 Our paper on biases in language mdoels got accepted at EACL '23. November 15, 2022 We released RobBERT-2022, an up-to-date Dutch BERT model. October 18, 2022 I gave a seminar about language models and fairness in Leuven. September 26, 2022 I gave a talk about RobBERT at the Data Science Meetup in Leuven. September 19, 2022 I'm at ECML-PKDD '22 with two papers 🥳 August 15, 2022 Our paper on mitigating biases in language models got accepted at ECML-PKDD '22 . July 11, 2022 I presented our survey of intrinsic fairness measures at NAACL '22. June 20, 2022 Our paper on PES systems won the best student paper award at FAccT! May 18, 2022 I gave a talk at the 15th Belgian NLP meetup in Ghent. April 07, 2022 Our survey of intrinsic fairness measures got accepted at NAACL 2022. April 07, 2022 Our paper on the role of stakeholders in public employment services got accepted at FAccT22. March 20, 2022 I was at a Lorentz Center workshop on algorithmic fairness. November 10, 2021 I presented our work on RobBERT at BNAIC/Benelearn 2021. September 17, 2021 I gave a talk at FEAST @ ECML-PKDD 2021 about of our workshop on algorithmic tools in public employment services. April 21, 2021 We released our paper on attitudes towards corona measures. March 25, 2021 I gave a presentation on versioning at Open Science Discovery for PhD Students. February 17, 2021 We released the Android version of 'What the mask'. February 11, 2021 I gave a presentation about RobBERT at TechWolf. February 09, 2021 I gave a presentation about RobBERT at ML6. February 01, 2021 Our COVID-19 mask policy application was featured in HBVL.